28 September, 2011

Building things

Haven't worked on the game world/region in a few days due to Life, et cetera.  But I probably should be writing some stuff up in here, 'cos I am still working on the thing.

I did a pantheon last week and finally wrote it up (complete with symbols!  In colour!) in my notebook.  I've been kicking around some ideas Toady One had for Dwarf Fortress with regards to undead, lycanthropes/cursed creatures, and created creatures, and the pantheon stuff is linking to it.  I have at least one god who's given out some tablets which describe how to make zombies and stuff.  He's mischeivous that way. In this low magic world, mages aren't just going to get knowledge of how to animate the dead when they reach the appropriate level.  I mean, come on.  You think this stuff grows on trees?  They have to do a lot of research and/or searching for this knowledge.  Same with magic item creation.  I'm sure some of my regular players won't like the idea they have to work for something, but that's just tough, I say.  I've already altered my magic item distribution table (in the treasure tables) to heavily favour potions and scrolls.  So if you find a magic ring, hold onto that sucker.

Anyhow, just a bit of more-or-less random rambling.  I've gotten to the point where I have so much information scattered willy-nilly in my notebook that I'll need to start organising it.  I need an info page for my Merchant Guilds, my humanoid cultures, and my other unusual things what live in this place.  Also thinking of dumping the goblins for something more unique and/or original.  There are plenty of other humanoids to choose from (and I'm not talking goblin-orc-hobgoblin-bugbear-ogre here), and my last gameworld was designed to be populated with mostly animal people as far as humanoids go. (Not that I got to play that world very far, but it might come back again.)

More later.

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