01 March, 2013

Chronicles of the Saturday group: D&D on Hiatus

We've reached the end of Under Two Suns, and our DM has requested a break so that he can decide what to run for us next. In the meantime one of the other players is running a game of Godlike, a game of superpowered people in a post-apocalyptic 1940s setting. 

We created characters for this game at our last session, and I think it'll be an interesting game to try.  The creation process is pretty straightforward: distribute points for stats and skills, then purchase "hyperstats" or "hyperskills", which boost your stats or skills, respectively.  You can also buy Miracles, which are like superpowers: they allow your character to do things no one can do, like breathe fire or turn invisible.  The point buy for Miracles was a bit confusing at first, but when I realised I was meant to design what kind of utility I wanted the power to have, add up its base point cost, and then buy dice pool dice for it with the final point cost, it was simple.

I'm looking forward to seeing how these characters interact with their environment next week.

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